Using sketchnotes for artist analysis


Browsing the web I can across a good technique to help those students who find making notes in their sketchbooks difficult, its called Sketchnotes or visual note taking. Students make summarised notes that show their understanding and use images alongside these to help illustrate their point.

The example above is by Patrick Ashamalla who I found via this article on Mashable.

2 thoughts on “Using sketchnotes for artist analysis

  1. I’ve no idea how I came across your website now because I’ve been here for so long! Thank you! You have put soooo much time and effort into your teaching/preparation and then to share it with others’ is truely honourable!! Being a new mummy, my research, planning…in fact everything work related has to be done at super speed now so I am so envious of your commitment. Our school is currently expanding to deliver GCSE and so i’ve been an the hunt for ideas. I have been inspired by so many of your posts. Thank you again!

    • Ah thank you for the lovely comments and I am glad my blog has been helpful! I am lucky in that I have small class sizes at school so there is a lot less marking to be done and at present I have no children of my own to look after so I have the time to spend on preparing and developing ideas. Keep checking the blog over the next month or so as I am planning on posting bits and pieces to do with GCSE art.

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