Visual Planning

Visual schemes of work imageTeaching a creative and visual subject I wanted to try and make my planning much more visual. I have put together a folder for each year which contains the schemes of learning/ work for the entire school year.

Inside the folder is the standard written version which contains the National Curriculum links and a breakdown of the lessons etc. But after this I have created pages which have each task/ lesson at the top and then below a set of columns where I can print out and stick down relevant images I find on the internet and most importantly all my pins from my Pinterest boards.

I am also planning to add at the back of the folder images of pupil’s work as a record of the work actually produced.

Click the link for the template page:  Visual Scheme of work Sheet WORD


2 thoughts on “Visual Planning

  1. Hi Pippa,
    Stumbled across you on Pinterest. Lovely to see what you are doing and very impressive resources too. ‘Art Teacher’ with the image of the paintbrushes on Pinterest is me!
    Love from all of us in the Art Department here,


    • Hey Olivia,
      Its great to hear from you and thanks for the lovely comments. I love your Pinterest boards! I have become a bit of an addict…
      I hope all at the collage is OK and say hello to everyone for me,

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