GCSE information pack for year 10

Year 10 ART Information Pack

I have been working on putting together a short introduction booklet for the new year 10 pupils taking GCSE art and design in September. It will hopefully give them and their parents a better idea of what the course will cover and a brief introduction into the way it will be assessed. I have also included some helpful tips for pupils such as how to create a quality sketchbook and how to analyse other artists.

I originally created the document in Apple’s Pages but I have exported a copy into word so hopefully it should work OK!
Please click on the link below to download a copy.

Art GCSE info pack WORD


3 thoughts on “GCSE information pack for year 10

  1. I found this to be so very helpful. Every year I create a ‘Student Handbook’ (Which I really enjoy putting together) They have proved to be invaluable, and the students love them. Its encouraging to find other teachers/educators/artists that do the same. Art encourages that uniqueness in learners don’t you think?, us art teaches need to stick together and investigate unique, interesting and progressive ways of delivery that encourages the best out of each of our students.

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