Year 9 – Name Sculptures

name sculptures

This term year 9 have been looking into graffiti and lettering.

For this lesson the students came to the lesson having developed their own lettering for homework and then in class they drew out each letter of their name onto thick card. We had discussed and practiced colour mixing and using colour schemes in the previous lessons so they had an idea of this when it came to mixing the acrylic paint.

They used hot glue guns to attach each letter to the base or other letters. Some students also added shapes, such as splats, explosions and arrows to their work.

I used a gallery style plenary to review the work, this is where students went around the room and viewed each persons work. Then on a piece of paper besides the work students noted a strength and an area for improvement. This peer review will be stuck into their sketchbooks next lesson along with a printed photograph of their sculpture.

Click the image below to see the review sheet I used.

Review sheet


3 thoughts on “Year 9 – Name Sculptures

    • Hi Charlotte, All you really need to make the sculptures are thick-ish cardboard (not too think so the students can’t cut through it with scissors or craft knifes), a few hot glue guns and either acrylic paint or felt tips for adding colour. That’s it! Prior the the making stage I did provide them with examples of graffiti lettering for them to use when developing their lettering.

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