Year 10 – Cell inspired ceramic tiles

Cell inspired ceramic tiles


Above is a selection of year 10 ceramic tile work that was influenced by the colours and shapes seen in microscopic cell imagery.

They first developed a range of ideas in their sketchbook and then selected their best idea to re-create in clay. Once fired they used acrylic paints to achieve the vibrant  and bold colours.

4 thoughts on “Year 10 – Cell inspired ceramic tiles

  1. Hello,
    Do you have any sort of rubric or way to evaluate the ceramic clay projects? I am developing your idea for a seventh grade Art class and am wondering how realistic the cell structures need to be. Any further information would be helpful. How many preliminary sketches did they do? What about color. Were they allowed to use any colors or color scheme?

    • Hi Heather
      Thanks for the comment. I haven’t actually developed any rubric as the work is part of a whole unit of work for year 10 students so they get more detailed written feedback every few weeks.

      I started the task by introducing the class to lots of cells under the microscope imagery and cell structures, the class then made small pen studies of these in their sketchbooks. Before they set about designing their tiles I got the class to practice mark making methods and some basic ceramic techniques so that they knew what was achievable with the media, from this they were able to develop a design idea.

      As for how realistic the design were I left that up to the students, some recreated the patterns and shapes very closely and others used the imagery more loosely. When they were fired we looked again at the colours in the source material and they took inspiration from that, most used vibrant colours as that is what was in the images.

      I hope this helps!

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