The Art of the Brick Exhibition

The art of the brick

I recently took students on a trip to London to visit The Art of the Brick exhibition at the Truman Gallery in Brick Lane. The exhibition features more than 80 sculptures all made from LEGO by the artist Nathan Sawaya.

Here is an extract from the website ‘Sawaya was the first artist to ever take LEGO into the art world. His unique sculptures and touring exhibition, THE ART OF THE BRICK, is the first exhibition to focus exclusively on LEGO® as an art medium and has broken attendance records around the globe. The creations, constructed from countless individual LEGO® pieces, were built from standard bricks beginning as early as 2002.’

The students really enjoyed the exhibition and were amazed by what you can create from just simple LEGO bricks. I would whole heartedly recommend a visit and with any year group!

To find out where the exhibition will be next visit his website at

The art of the brick

The art of the brick

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