AQA Art and Design Exam Themes

AQA art and design Exam themes 2015

I have put together a powerpoint to show my year 11 art students to help them get inspired for their art exam themes. The themes this year are great and I am hoping that we will get some fantastic work created.

Click the link to download the powerpoint file: Exam Themes 2015


8 thoughts on “AQA Art and Design Exam Themes

  1. Morning,
    Loving the PowerPoint, amazing resource, many thanks ☺
    I just wondered what paper you were following? I am teaching Fine Art and 3D art and have Q3 as Water and Q5 as Site Specific, but mixed media and mark making on yours sounds so much better!!!
    Thanks for any info,

  2. Thank you for putting this resource together, it’s very helpful to have as many resources for the students to be inspired from. If I wanted to contribute ideas what is the best way

  3. Thanks for uploading this excellent resource. I have a small group of SEN students who will be sitting this exam and this powerpoint will really help me to get them started with their research. Thanks again! 🙂

  4. Thank you for this great ppt. We used your one last year and will again this year!

    I have 100 kids doing unendorsed GCSE and just introduced Photography. If there is anything I can reciprocate with do let me know

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