Art GCSE Exam Course Structure

GCSE ART Assessment SheetsTo help my GCSE students with their mock exam last term I put together a series of handouts/tick sheets that help them to assess where they were and how to get the varying marks for each stage of their preparation.

I have adapted these for the upcoming real exam and have uploaded each sheet at the bottom of this post.

Also I have completed my handout for each of the exam themes for the 2016 AQA Art and Design  GCSE paper and will be sharing this on this blog after the 1st January 2016 so watch this space!

Yr11 Exam Cover

Yr11 Exam P1 Intro and Mindmap

Yr11 Exam P2 Artist Research

Yr11 Exam P3 Next Steps

Yr11 Exam P4 Experiments

Yr11 Exam P5 Plans

I do also have editable Photoshop files but I can not upload these on WordPress so if you would like these please add a request in the comments section and I will email them over to you.



21 thoughts on “Art GCSE Exam Course Structure

  1. Hi, this is an amazing resource thank you. 😃 Could I have an edible version of these please, such as Word if possible. This would really help me in January.

  2. Hi these are great, but I have tried printing them out and some of the type just looks like it has melted. Mainly just the titles , how can I get it to print better and be able update to it for 2017 and 2018 new spec marks out of 24.

    • Hi! Hummm that’s strange regarding the melted lettering!! I will re-save them in an editable format and email them across to you, it might be the weekend though if that is ok?

    • No problem! I have shared the files via WeTransfer as they are quite a large folder so look out for a link in your emails (sent to the hotmail account you have registered).

    • Thanks for your comment 🙂 I have shared Photoshop versions of the files via WeTransfer as they are quite a large folder so look out for a link in your emails (sent to your school account).

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