Exam Themes 2016 AQA Art and Design

AQA Art and Design Exam Themes 2016

UPDATE: If you are looking for the 2018 Themes/Powerpoint please click here: Art, Craft and Design – https://artroommess.wordpress.com/2018/01/02/2018-aqa-art-craft-and-design-exam-esa-powerpoint/

Once again I have put together a handout to aid my students when they are selecting their theme from this years AQA Art and Design paper. I hope it saves others some time and is of some use!

Here is the link for the PowerPoint presentation (it was originally made in Keynote so apologies for any movement of objects in the export): Exam Themes 2016 PP

19 thoughts on “Exam Themes 2016 AQA Art and Design

  1. Thankyou so much! You are a star! This helps me so much as I’m the only art teacher in my school. Happy New Year to you! X

  2. Many thanks for a great resource….also for your handy checklist assessment tool for the students. I look forward to using these with my students this term.😃😃

  3. Hi I have completed all the artists based on what you have done, could I share it to you via google drive so you have it for your students.To thank you for sharing this.

  4. LOVE how you have presented your teaching AND taken time to share it so openly. Thank you so much. I look forward to developing my teaching style even after 20 Years!!

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