Alive! Year 10 Photography Project


IMG_0123 IOAp1 IMG_0187


I have been updating my school Photography department website and it now has all the resources uploaded for the Year 10 Alive! Photography/Animation project.
This project lasted 6 weeks (I have three 1 hour sessions a week).

Here is the SOW:Yr10 Alive SOW COPY

Here is is the link to the Powerpoints on the Department website: Alive YR10 Project Powerpoints



8 thoughts on “Alive! Year 10 Photography Project

  1. Hi, I have tried to download the Alive slides and it is only allowing the first slide from each Power Point to be opened.
    Thank you for uploading the Art/Photography exam prep very grateful!

    • Hi! I am not sure why that has happened… but I have sent you via WeTransfer all the powerpoints so hopefully they should work for you. This year I slightly altered the SOW to include eyebombing 🙂 so I have added these powerpoints also.

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