Thanks for reading my blog.

I wanted to create a place where I could share resources, ideas, inspiring artists and artwork from teaching in a secondary school in the UK.

I mostly teach GCSE classes now but I am Head of the Creative Arts department so do have some resources from KS3 to share from time to time.

I have been teaching for 7 years now and love it!

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21 thoughts on “About

  1. HI Philippa
    Thank you for putting your fab powerpoint online. Do you mind if I use this as a base for my textile and art groups and will add images to it? Happy to post back to you once done if you give me an email address. Thanks again. Sue

  2. Hi Philippa
    Thank you for the great resources. I work with underprivileged kids and have to adapt my lessons to their capabilities, so your ppts are brilliant. Thanks again.

  3. I run a small drawing academy in Zarargoza, Spain. Just like to say thanks for taking the time to put your ideas and thoughts on line, there was some really interesting stuff. I especially liked the Grafitti sculptures

  4. Thanks for all your hard work and generosity Phillipa – you saved my bacon – having recently arrived into a real artroom mess – you are a shining star!

  5. You Pip are amazing…you have saved me so much time as i return to work from my maternity leave. I am forever grateful πŸ™‚

  6. Dear Phillippa, can I just say it’s people like you who save skin? I’m a non-specialist teacher (i.e., Art is not something I know in great detail, I was actually appointed as a Maths teacher!) with a bunch of y11s who are starting their qualification late-we’re both feeling a bit at sea, and this is so clear-cut and comprehensive. It really helped my understanding of the qualification (more so than the exam board site itself, haha!), as well as giving me a few ideas for my own teaching. Thank you so much.

    • Ah your too kind! I just think that there is no point in re-inventing the wheel and if I can help a few people in their teaching practice then I’m happy πŸ™‚ Please check back every so often as I will be updating this blog and my photography specific one periodically.

  7. Hi
    I love your 3D project and I’m thinking about doing it with the class I’ve just taken over.
    Can I ask what your moderator feedback has been for this project. Our art teacher has been marked down for the last two years and I’m taking over. I was going to do an a5 sketch with it because of time.

    • Hi Laura, yes no problem! I have always had very good moderator feedback and I also moderate myself. I try over the course to include a wide selection of medias and techniques for students to experiment with and swap up the schemes I teach depending on the abilities of the groups I get each year. I will be soon adding to the site more SOW so keep an eye out for these! πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for getting back to me I’m going to start and plan over the half term. I was going to make the tiles slightly more 3D and look at yellena James as one of the artists too.

  8. Great Resources thanks! Good luck in the year 11 exam prep the work you’ve prepared is great! I’m happy to share resource via twiter @monty_photo

  9. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for sharing your fantastic resources and ideas. We have an art educator network up here in the north east called NEATEN. We have had an externally set task planning session this evening and your ideas provided a ton of inspiration. Thank you so much!

  10. Hi, I have come across your website while searching the web for IGCSE resources and can’t thank you enough for putting your resources and thoughts up here! Such a great place that has given me a head start in adapting my resources for teaching overseas (I’m from NZ so have taught a different curriculum). Thanks again!

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