Year 10 GCSE – Kaleidoscope Images

Kaleidoscope Flowers 1 Kaleidoscope Flowers 5 Kaleidoscope Flowers 4 Kaleidoscope Flowers 3 Kaleidoscope Flowers 2

Year 10 are working on the theme ‘Altered Nature’ and have been on a trip to Kew Gardens where they took a range of macro photos. They presented the best of these in their sketchbook but I wanted them to really focus on creating some altered images with the images they took. So using Pixelmator they developed the images into a kaleidoscope style.

The class really enjoyed seeing how the images reflected and created the interesting patterns and shapes. I am going to get a high quality print of each of their best images printed via ZipPosters to put into their portfolios.

I imagine this technique could easily be replicated in Photoshop if your school did not have computers with Pixelmator on. I have attached the hand out that I used in the lesson: Flower Pattern ICT sheet





While looking about the app store I came upon a great app called iDoceo. In short it is a mark book and planner but it has many little features that really save time and are very useful. I try not to ever spend much on apps just in case they are not great, but I am glad that I took a gamble on this one (its currently £4.99) as it is worth every penny.

I can now easily keep a record of all my pupils gardes and marks and no more scribbling out or crossing out things when I have made a mistake in the back of my planner. But the feature I most like is the ability to photograph students work and attach it to the relevant grade.  I can also type comments on their work and then print this out to feedback to them.

The link to the app in the UK itunes store:

Paper Cut Out Animation

To introduce my year 9 art class to paper cut out animation I scoured YouTube for the best examples and put them together into a short clip. I showed this at the start of the project so they had an understanding of what was expected of them.

Here are the original links if you want to see the full YouTube clips:

Paper Mario Bros 
Born Free
Tatooine: Jeremy Massersmith – A Star Wars Aniboom
Keep Active

Basic tools in Pixelmator

This term the year 8 DT class will be creating their own character designs to be used on a childrens activity pack. To introduce them to this design software I have put together a short clip on using the basic tools in Pixelmator, such as working with layers, paint bucket, magic wand, shapes and adding text.

This is a great piece of software to use as an alternative to the pricey Photoshop.

Pixelmator also have a large number of tutorials on their website which pupils could also view.