Year 8 – Peculiar Portraits

Peculiar Portraits


Pupils were tasked with finding a base image of a face for a homework task, they then brought this to the next lesson. As usual there were some that did not have the homework so I have a few images photocopied for those that did not have anything.

As a starter I showed the class a selection of abstract portraits from other artists and we discussed these as a class.

I gave a quick demo of the task and then they set about cutting up bits and pieces from the magazines provided (ones I have found particularly good are fashion magazines for facial features/clothing and also The National Geographic for animal parts and textures).

The pupils really enjoyed making the faces as crazy as possible!


Collage Portraits – Year 8

Collage portraitsA simple but effective way to create portrait work. Pupils traced the outlines of their face onto the boards using carbon paper and a photograph of themselves. They then filled each selection with various paper based collage materials. Once they had filled all the white gaps they went back to their original images and using acetate sheets and a permanent pen they traced of the details of their face and shoulders. The acetate was finally stuck over their collage using a glue stick.