Being inspired…

Artist inspiration board

In my art room at school I have put together a wall of images and artist names to help inspire the students. I find that when it comes to having to look for artists to help with their work they find it difficult to know where to start.

So I decided to scroll through my artists and designers Pinterest board and dig out some artists that the students might like. I selected one stand out image that represents that artists style and then placed the artists name above the image and a collection of words/ themes that link to the artwork, i.e. colour, pattern, cities etc.

Once the posters have been up for a while and need refreshing I file them in an A3 clip folder. Over time this is beginning to fill up nicely and has a really wide selection of varying artists for students to view.

If you look to the right of the black tape that is dividing the cupboard doors this is where I have placed some more posters, but this time they are giving sketchbook/ journal advice to students. I have found that this wall has been great for helping students to think more imaginatively about how they use their sketchbook/ journal. Once again I used my Art – Sketchbooks board on Pinterest board to help me source the images on the p