Year 10 GCSE – Kaleidoscope Images

Kaleidoscope Flowers 1 Kaleidoscope Flowers 5 Kaleidoscope Flowers 4 Kaleidoscope Flowers 3 Kaleidoscope Flowers 2

Year 10 are working on the theme ‘Altered Nature’ and have been on a trip to Kew Gardens where they took a range of macro photos. They presented the best of these in their sketchbook but I wanted them to really focus on creating some altered images with the images they took. So using Pixelmator they developed the images into a kaleidoscope style.

The class really enjoyed seeing how the images reflected and created the interesting patterns and shapes. I am going to get a high quality print of each of their best images printed via ZipPosters to put into their portfolios.

I imagine this technique could easily be replicated in Photoshop if your school did not have computers with Pixelmator on. I have attached the hand out that I used in the lesson: Flower Pattern ICT sheet


Basic tools in Pixelmator

This term the year 8 DT class will be creating their own character designs to be used on a childrens activity pack. To introduce them to this design software I have put together a short clip on using the basic tools in Pixelmator, such as working with layers, paint bucket, magic wand, shapes and adding text.

This is a great piece of software to use as an alternative to the pricey Photoshop.

Pixelmator also have a large number of tutorials on their website which pupils could also view.