Exam Time Planning for GCSE Art and Photography students



To help my students effectively plan their 10 hour ‘exam’ time I have drawn up a question sheet that hopefully helps them to consider what they need to do.

The images above are JPEG versions. I do have an idraw and Photoshop editable versions but WordPress will not let me upload these (if you would like these drop me a message in the comments section of this post).

Magazine rack filing system for SOW

Mag filing system sow

I have wanted a better system for keeping my scheme of work files organized for a while, then while I was at Ikea this summer I saw this magazine rack that I thought could help. It is just the right size for holding clip files and has 4 sections (2 for lower school art and DT and the 2 for upper school art and DT). Plus I have managed to find a space right next to my desk so they are at arms reach for writing my lesson plans for the week.

Visual Planning

Visual schemes of work imageTeaching a creative and visual subject I wanted to try and make my planning much more visual. I have put together a folder for each year which contains the schemes of learning/ work for the entire school year.

Inside the folder is the standard written version which contains the National Curriculum links and a breakdown of the lessons etc. But after this I have created pages which have each task/ lesson at the top and then below a set of columns where I can print out and stick down relevant images I find on the internet and most importantly all my pins from my Pinterest boards.

I am also planning to add at the back of the folder images of pupil’s work as a record of the work actually produced.

Click the link for the template page:  Visual Scheme of work Sheet WORD