AQA Art and Design Exam Themes

AQA art and design Exam themes 2015

I have put together a powerpoint to show my year 11 art students to help them get inspired for their art exam themes. The themes this year are great and I am hoping that we will get some fantastic work created.

Click the link to download the powerpoint file: Exam Themes 2015


Artists: Collection Themes


When I return to school in September my Year 11 class will be working on their mock exam preparation. The theme that they have got this year is ‘Collections’. So to help them begin their investigations I have put together a list of contemporary artists, most of these where sourced via Pinterest and pinned to my board Art – Collections GCSE ideas. I have grouped the artists under loose headings to help pupils when they are deciding which artists to look up and investigate.

I will hopefully put up some of their responses to these artists in September for you to see!

Here is the link to the list of artists handout: Collections Theme Artists

Being inspired…

Artist inspiration board

In my art room at school I have put together a wall of images and artist names to help inspire the students. I find that when it comes to having to look for artists to help with their work they find it difficult to know where to start.

So I decided to scroll through my artists and designers Pinterest board and dig out some artists that the students might like. I selected one stand out image that represents that artists style and then placed the artists name above the image and a collection of words/ themes that link to the artwork, i.e. colour, pattern, cities etc.

Once the posters have been up for a while and need refreshing I file them in an A3 clip folder. Over time this is beginning to fill up nicely and has a really wide selection of varying artists for students to view.

If you look to the right of the black tape that is dividing the cupboard doors this is where I have placed some more posters, but this time they are giving sketchbook/ journal advice to students. I have found that this wall has been great for helping students to think more imaginatively about how they use their sketchbook/ journal. Once again I used my Art – Sketchbooks board on Pinterest board to help me source the images on the p