Marking key stage 3 art work


I have always found it difficult to mark lower school artwork, up until now I have just been giving comments highlighting the positives in the work and then the areas to improve. I wanted to try and find a better way of given more feedback to pupils, that would not give me more work/writing.

So I have developed two tables that can be stuck in to pupils sketchbooks and then completed by the teacher. The first one shown is for marking homework. The second table shown is slightly different and is for general classwork, I would stick this into pupils sketchbooks periodically to show them how I feel they are generally working in class. This would be used alongside my usual written comments on their artwork.

I have developed these from examples shown on this website:

Link to the files:
Homework marking stickers
Class work marking stickers


Year 11 Art Final Exam

Movement Sketchbook4 Art

Movement Sketchbook5 Art

Movement Final Piece Art

Having got this years GCSE marking out if the way I wanted to share with you some of the pupils work. The above pupil selected ‘Movement’ as his theme from the list set this year by AQA. He is fascinated by animals and chose to focus on the texture of fur and muscles in animals for his work.

Being inspired…

Artist inspiration board

In my art room at school I have put together a wall of images and artist names to help inspire the students. I find that when it comes to having to look for artists to help with their work they find it difficult to know where to start.

So I decided to scroll through my artists and designers Pinterest board and dig out some artists that the students might like. I selected one stand out image that represents that artists style and then placed the artists name above the image and a collection of words/ themes that link to the artwork, i.e. colour, pattern, cities etc.

Once the posters have been up for a while and need refreshing I file them in an A3 clip folder. Over time this is beginning to fill up nicely and has a really wide selection of varying artists for students to view.

If you look to the right of the black tape that is dividing the cupboard doors this is where I have placed some more posters, but this time they are giving sketchbook/ journal advice to students. I have found that this wall has been great for helping students to think more imaginatively about how they use their sketchbook/ journal. Once again I used my Art – Sketchbooks board on Pinterest board to help me source the images on the p