2019 AQA Art, Craft and Design Exam/ESA Powerpoint

A little late due to having a nearly 4 month old at home but better late than never I say 🙂

Good luck all!


Maternity Leave

Hi all! Just a very quick post to update all my readers that I am currently on maternity leave from school. As such I might not be updating the blog as often as I normally would but please bear with me as when I am back at work service will resume as usual! 🙂

Here is a photo of the little man in question

Key Stage 3 Scheme of Work – Pixels

KS3 Pixels SOWHi All

Sorry for the delay in updating the blog recently, I decided to take some time out over the summer to just relax and rest. Also I am happy to say that I am very nearly due to have my first baby so the blog may be a little quiet in the coming months but I will be back!

After a few requests for Key Stage 3 Schemes I have had a dig about in my files and found one that I think might be of interest and also one that my students really enjoyed (they were very into Minecraft and computer games at the time of teaching).

Key Stage 3 Scheme of work – Pixels: Yr8 ART Term 2 Pixel Artwork (to save right click and select Save as…)

KS3 Food – Sculpture Scheme of Work

SoW Food KS3 ArtSorry for the long time in updating the blog, school has been rather busy this last term. Now with Year 11 on study leave I am hoping to catch up with the long list of jobs to work on, starting with updating this blog!

I have been digging around my files and found a Year 7 scheme based around food and cardboard sculpture which I thought might be useful for others.

Yr7 ART Term 2 Food  – Right click the link and select ‘save as’ to save the Word file

Takeaway Homework

Art Takeaway Homework Examples

Here are a few examples of some takeaway homework sheets that I have developed for Key Stage 3 Art and Design and Year 10 Photography classes.

I have found that these are a great way of setting homework as students are able to select a homework depending on how much time they have for it and what they feel like doing that day.

The Key Stage 3 sheets have a few more rules, such as students must select at least one hot or extra hot task a term etc.

The Key Stage 3 ones have been converted from Pages documents to Word Docs so I hope they work OK for you. The photography ones I can not convert so can be found in my Dropbox as Photoshop files should you wish to have the original editable versions.

To save the KS3 files right click on the link below and select Save As…

KS3 Monsters: MONSTERS Takeaway Homework Sheet YR7

KS3 Peculiar Portraits: portraits Takeaway Homework Sheet YR7

KS3 Pixel Art: Pixel Takeaway Homework Sheet YR8

KS3 Bugs: Bug Takeaway Homework Sheet YR8

Yr10 Photography Takeaway Homework Examples: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nig8puc2e3i5nti/AAA95iaOwFcb5YaD4ZSaQLela?dl=0


Fantastic and Strange GCSE Scheme of Work

I have been running the above scheme of work this term with my Year 10 class. The majority of the class are generally fairly low ability but so far they have produced some great work that they are enjoying.

We are moving on to developing designs for the ceramic pieces after the half term but I wanted to share the SOW now as I have some free time. Hopefully once the students have created their final pieces I will add some photos of their work! In the meantime I have photographed some of the pages out of their sketchbook for you to see some of the development work.

Right click on the link and select save as… to save the SOW Word Document: Yr10 Fantastic and Strange SOW

For the respective Pinterest Board please follow this link: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pipsticks/art-fantastic-and-strange-gcse-theme/

2018 AQA Photography Exam/ESA Powerpoint/Themes

Photo 2018 AQA Exam Themes

Here is my last powerpoint linked to the AQA 2018 Photography paper. I hope that it is helpful to you and your students!

Again I created the powerpoint on Keynote and exported it to PowerPoint so some text etc may have moved about in the export.

Photographers for Exam ESA 2018 – Right click and select ‘save as…’ to save it to your computer.

My Pinterest boards can be found here and will be updated as and when: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pipsticks/