AQA Art and Design Exam 2017 Powerpoint


Below I have uploaded my resource for the the 2017 GCSE AQA Art and Design task, I hope it proves to be useful for you!

p.s the AQA Photography one will be uploaded later today!

Powerpoint presentation (right click to save): artists-for-exam-2017

PDF Version (right click to save): artists-for-exam-2017

Links to my Pinterest boards

Detail –

Out of Place –

Surroundings –

Assemble –

Angles –

Architecture –

Shelter –


17 thoughts on “AQA Art and Design Exam 2017 Powerpoint

  1. Wow! Thank you. I have been teaching Edexcel and this is the first year of teaching having switched to AQA so this is super helpful. How do you go about teaching it, out of interest? Do you start with getting students to research artists then explore and experiment from own source work? Thanks for any suggestions


    • Hi Holly, thank you for your comment. I have uploaded to this blog my resources that I use to map out the teaching of the exam unit, if you look for a blog pots called ‘Art GCSE Exam Course Structure’, it was posted in Dec 2015. Hopefully that will help you!

  2. I have just encountered your page when I went desperately looking for resources for this year’s gcse art as I have just been given a class at the last minute. What an amazing, generous spirit! Thank you so much, you have made my day and week!

  3. Stumbled across this page … WoW!!!! What a great resource!! I’m not an art teacher by trade but default!! Thanks very much!!

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